NorthWest Student Exchange
Welcome! Willkommen! ยกBienvenido! Youkoso!

Dear NWSE '23-'24 Exchange Students:

I want to personally welcome all of you to your NWSE exchanges for the 2023-'24 school year. For some of you, school started almost a month ago, and for many, school is just beginning this week.

To help ensure your exchange program success and enjoyment, we want to remind you of the following
Keys to Success that we absolutely expect all students to follow for the duration of their programs:

Keys to Success:

  • Communicate, openly, respectfully, friendly and genuinely with your host family members, host school staff and NWSE coordinators.
  • Review all NWSE rules in your NWSE program handbook and contract, and follow them at all times.
  • Sign up for and participate in host school clubs, sports and/or activities.
  • Immediately contact your local NWSE coordinator and/or NWSE directly with any significant problems or concerns you may experience. NWSE's 24 hour/urgent phone: 206 683 3100.
  • Do all your homework and genuinely strive to get, and be proud of, good grades in school.
  • Follow all NWSE/host family/host school social media/mobile phone/internet rules.
  • Expect to NOT have your phone with you in your bedroom after bed time. Questions about this? Please email for the secret answer.
  • Do NOT expect NWSE to "make an exception" for you or "give you a second chance" if you decide to violate any NWSE program rule. (Is NWSE in this sense, "strict"? Some might say we are. Most others say, no, "strictness" in this sense, is absolutely reasonable and necessary to prevent the profound damage to trust caused by a student's choice to violate program rules, as well as the regulatory requirement that NWSE must end a student's program for violation(s) of program rules.)
  • NWSE's goal is that ALL our exchange students successfully complete their programs, and for all host families and schools to enjoy hosting their NWSE exchange students. These are the only reasons we may appear "strict" about exchange program rules.

Now that we all agree to pursue successful and enjoyable exchanges, we look forward to seeing you at our first NWSE Host Family and Student Meetup, next Thursday, September 14, 2023 (you will receive a separate email with the invitation and Zoom link).

Congratulations on beginning your exchange in the USA. Remember that we are a whole network of caring people at NWSE, and we are always here for you. Feel free to contact us any time with your questions and ideas.
Finally, remember to send us your exchange stories, pictures, and videos to or post them on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #nwse or #nwse_exchange!
Best of success, and see you soon at our first NWSE Zoom Meetup next week!

Jeff Laband
Executive Director
NorthWest Student Exchange
Just a little reminder... NWSE Rules

Take a moment now to watch this entertaining (and informative) animated video for tips on how to have a successful exchange program. By now, you should already be exchange program rule experts: You have received NWSE rules and program information in your participation contracts, on the NWSE website, from your orientations and handbook materials. If at any time you have any questions, we expect you to call or email your Area Coordinator or NWSE Program Coordinator. We are happy to help you!